Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Weekend...late

So I keep forgetting to upload my pics from last weekend so that I can blog about it. Finally I remembered to do it last night! Last weekend was so beautiful. Saturday had all those big clouds, you would get a glimpse of the sun and blue sky. Plus it was all blustery and cold. I love when the weather is like that. Sunday was equally as gorgeous; with its clear blue sky that went on forever and the chilly wind. Its on weekends like that, that I wonder how it is that people cannot believe the God was the author of all creation.

I got up super early on Saturday and walked with my sister and cousin. We topped that off with some Starbucks and chatter. Later my hubby and I headed over to Lucille's BBQ for some yummy lunch.

Dan and I shared the artichoke appetizer. Artichoke is something I really really love but I never eat it for some reason. Its like I forget its there. In any case, it was really yummy.

I thought the menus and kitschy design of the place was really fun.

They had all their deserts listed on a big chicken silhouette.

I loved the sparkly snake they had going up the wall.

MMMM My honey blond ale was really good. Plus it went perfectly with..............

My big fatty steak. YUMMM I mean seriously it came with butter on it!!!

Hubby got the combo platter with ribs and chicken. He had to take most of it home. They really give you two meals there.

The sky on Saturday.

Of course, what day would be complete without a sunset picture from my balcony?

Sunday I headed over to Laguna Beach to assist on a wedding. You can check out all the great design ideas and whatnot on OC's Finest Weddings blog.

These are all images from the beautiful Surf and Sand Hotel

The day was cold, but really clear, well most of the day was.

This is actually the view from on of the ceremony site, sooo pretty.

I tried to take a picture at night, but this is what I got from my crappy camera. *sigh*

Hope you guys liked the pictures,


WeezerMonkey said...

Looks so yummy! I still haven't tried Lucille's!

Ashley said...

Hey, I think I found your blog through the Knot and I enjoy checking it out every now and then. Anyway, I thought it was funny that you were helping with the wedding this weekend at Surf and Sand because my fiance and I were in the OC looking at wedding locations and we were at Surf and Sand Saturday morning while they were setting up for your friend's wedding. It's a beautiful location but we just cannot afford to have the wedding there.. your pictures are gorgeous! Anyway, small world!

Kate said...

Awwwww Surf and Sand always makes me nostalgic. Although the water was FAR more beautiful in August '06.