Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who Is A Loser?

So I have never really been into the Biggest Loser TV show. People tell me that it is great and I should totally watch it. Better than the TV show, because now I have the chance to live it.

My work is doing a Biggest Loser contest. I jumped at the chance to participate because it mean that I could eat whatever I wanted over the holidays. That and the fact that the motivation of money will *hopefully* help me.

The first three winners get a percentage of the entry fee, which is $100. There are about 15 people so if I win I get about a grand. I told hubby that I would take him to Vegas for a mini vacation if I win.

Plus, I have been thinking a lot about health. I am getting close to 30 so I really need to start thinking about what I eat. I already have such a bad time with my stomach that I need to be more careful. I DO NOT need another ulcer, thank-you very much! Now I just need to get into meal planning and an exercise routine. Too bad I gave away my really cool exercise DVD. If only someone would get me another one cough*Mom*cough.

So everyone wish me lots and lots of luck. Hopefully this will be the time that I go on a diet and exercise program and actually stick to it. Oh wait, correction not diet....eating healthy. If you say diet all you want to do is eat and eat and eat....uhhhh how is that different from normal life?

Oh and by the way, this blog entry is dedicated to Shelley who reminded me yesterday that it had been three months since I last blogged.

Hug you all,