Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dad Says It Will Melt Away

I have been saying that my diet will start on Monday, but for some reason Monday never came. So I got a bug up my craw and finally decided to start. So I called my Dad, the fitness guru, and he suggested having a protien bar for breakfast, one for lunch and a good dinner. Plus lots and lots of CrossFit. I am hoping to loose 20lbs before vacation, but we will see. As long as I look ok in a bikini then I am a-ok! I saw some super cute ones on the Victoria's Secret web site.
If I buy this suit does her figure come with it?

BriannaNichole :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Best Re-Motivator EVER!

So I have been doing really really poorly on my diet/exercise, REALLY poorly. I basically stopped all together. I have been really down on it and I keep telling myself I'll start 'next Monday'. I really needed something to get my butt into gear. Out of the blue my parents call and ask if hubby and I would like to join them in Kauai over Thanksgiving. After looking at finances we gave a resounding YES, we would love to go!
I am super excited about the vacation, but but DH and I are really concerned about our appearance. So back onto the the healthy eating and working out. I am hoping Crossfit is as great as my dad says it is.
This is a picture of the view from the condo we will be staying in.

Wish me lots of luck as I start again!