Friday, October 3, 2008

Being A Girl Sucks!

So, here it is...2:00 in the morning and I should be peacefully sleeping in my bed or still up and drinking. Is that what I am doing? Noooooooo, I am up because I have cramps! How unfair is life?! Pretty much every girl out there can relate because we have all had that time of the month where for some stupid reason our bodies decide that we should be in pain. So I say, Being a Girl Sucks. Although it could be worse and we could be cursed with having to carry around a back of balls and a penis. I mean sorry for the image but, how uncomfortable is that?!?!?! Ug, I guess I am just a little unbalanced due to my Midol overdose.

So....Hopefully none of you are up right now. You are all peacefully slumbering away in dream-land..............Bitches ;).

What to talk about in a 2:00am blog post? Perhaps my crazy work project that I don't really have time to finish, or the fact that I still have blogging issues? My inability to freaking decorate my own home? Oh how about the fact that hubby said no to a puppy. Not that I can blame him, who really wants extra responsibility?

Why is it so creepy in the middle of the night? I mean, what is difference? Which makes me wonder why is a grown women scared of the dark? I mean if I had to spend the night alone I may just have a panic attack. Oh this post is sooo out there. I will just have to cut my losses and say goodnight now.

Hug you all, well not ALL of you.