Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Fav Thing to Do

Ahhhh but I love shopping. I love getting new clothes and having them fit and be cute. I kept kinda dreading vacation since I knew I didn't have any really cute clothes, or even clothes that would fit, for vacation. Plus my Mom always dresses really well and looks good in anything. *sigh* if I could look like her at, well I will not mention her age, but if only. She is way cuter in a bathing suit as well, so not fair. Anyway so my Mom agreed to go shopping with me on Saturday morning. We only had a 2 hours since my Mom needed to run home and help my Dad paint, they are re-doing the whole house now that all the kids are out. It was really nice of my Mom since she didn't need anything at the mall, she goes on vacation so much that she has 'vacation clothes', that bitch. ;)

I digress. We went shopping at Mission Mall and I got all kinds of good deals. I was sooooo excited that Arden B was having a HUGE sale. If you ask me their clothes are kinda over priced, but they always have the best sales. They had almost 1/2 their store on a 65% off sale, plus all the sale items were buy two get one free. I mean that is an amazing deal. Plus their sale stuff is always super cute. I also swung by Express, my favorite store in the mall, and Everything But Water. They had the cutest Betsy Johnson bathing suits, but they were way too much. I needed to get some MAC and other stuff, but I figured it could wait until my next paycheck.

Anyway, since I am a totally tard I took pictures of what I got, yes I am that lame. So here are my new clothes for vacation:

Two of the same tank tops, in different colors. They are long enough to be bathing suit covers or a shirt. I ran back and got the other color when I was told everything was buy two get one free.

Oh this top is so cute on. The front has a real 40's look to it. I totally love it.

Ummm I didn't actually try this one on, I hope it fits. It's one of the ones I went back for.

This one looks much cuter on AND makes me look skinny because of where it gathers.

This top is super cute one. It has larger straps so you will not see my bra hanging out.

Super cute skirt from Express, on sale for $19.99!! The back is really cute too:

My bathing suit top from Everything But Water. So I have never worn a tankini before, but I thought that I should get one since I am heavier than I have ever been before. Plus it was a Tommy Bahama and it was on sale for $20. Plus I thought I could wear it with one of the other b suit bottoms I already had. The ones that went with it fit really weird.

I got some other stuff at Express and some really nice bubble bath from B&BW. All in all it was such a nice mall trip. I haven't bought a lot of stuff in one mall trip since I got married and realized my money is not my own anymore. *sigh* How I long for the days when i would drop lots of money at Express and not even bat an eyelash.

I have to go back to get some stuff for H now.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Adventures

Happy day after Halloween, hopefully you are not suffering from too bad of a candy hangover. Ahhhh I am so glad that Halloween is over. This year has just been so busy that I am glad to have it all over so I can concentrate on getting ready for my Thanksgiving trip. Not to mention that Christmas is coming up in seven weeks, yeah...SEVEN WEEKS. Did anyone else just get butterflies in their tummy?

Yesterday was fun, despite my worries. The only thing I really regret is not bringing another outfit to change into after my works annual costume contest. A couple people in my department dressed up as pirates. Here are some of my favorite pictures/costumes of the day:
The Dick in the Box Guys

Of course I had to see what was inside.

Bob's Big Boy

That was a lot of meat.

One gal dressed up like Chris Angel...too funny.

This girl made this dress all out of slides, she had to drill holes into each one. She couldn't even sit down.

We had to have lunch at Hooters so my boss could see all the girls outfits.

Our group costume, minus one gal.

My prizes for winning the group costume. Two movie tickets and some popcorn.

My girls dressed as kitties. They had a domesti-cat, sophisti-cat and an alley/street cat.

And here is my fav outfit of the day, not just because its cool but because he even acted the part.

His sign said Will Work for Kittens, one of the cats was his girlfriend.

Too funny that he went out side to take these pictures.

Here are some Halloween pictures my sister sent me. I think she has the cutest kids in the world. Her girls were dressed as Ariel (The little mermaid). My sister even put on blue eyeshadow, lip gloss and blush. They are freaking adorable.

Ella and Alexa

Alexa on the pony at the Fall Fling

Ella on the pony at the Fall Fling

Because I cannot resist I have to post some pictures of my sister's apple picking trip.

Mason, her youngest, in my brothers wig.

Ella picking some apples

Look at those baby blues

Ella, Alexa, Denielle and Mason.

The kids at the Oak Glen pumpkin patch

Ella and Alexa doing the Disney Princess Pose.


As Always, Thanks for looking