Thursday, May 5, 2011

Twilight O'Doyle Rules

I found the funniest video with Justin Chon from the Twilight movies. You may know his as Eric, Bella's lovable but unwanted human friend. The O'Doyle rules kills me.

Is it November yet?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And Yet More Hair Posts

So in the grand tradition of posts like My Hair is not Fabulous, More Hair Stuff and And Yet More Hair Stuff I am doing yet another post on my hair. It is that time again to succumb to my hair ADD and change my style, again. This seems to be a trend with me, all this cutting and growing and cutting and growing. It is becoming a cycle that repeats every few years.

I'm sure you don't need me to expand on the reasons for cutting my hair, so I will list them simply and succinctly:
1. Takes to long to dry/style
2. Season is getting warmer and my hair is not helping me stay cool
3. No volume, even when it has layers it has no volume

And probably the biggest reason for the change....
4. Boredom

So now it's time to start thinking about and researching new styles that I want to try. I'm thinking maybe shoulder length this time so as not to go too short. I think I want to get some bangs back in there too.

Maybe getting the fringe bangs back like this:

Or some heavy straight across ones:

What sort of crazy hairstyle/hair color would you love to sport but are too afraid to?

BTW I swear I will post more. Hugs,