Sunday, March 9, 2008

And Yet More Hair Stuff.... my weekend goings-on.

I got my hair cut on Friday and I totally love it. It s a super easy to do bob. I was kinda freaking out when my hair girl started whacked off my hair before coloring it so she would not waste color. It was the no turning back point. Of course my hair stylist, Beth of Shampoo Cocktails salon, did a way better job styling it than I did. However, it still looked ok when I did it the next day. I will have to get used to styling short hair again. She took about 10 inches off my hair!!! You should have seen how covered the floor was! Here are some of my hair shots:

The next day, my mom and I went to a beauty event at Nordstroms. I know, I know, it looks like I live at the mall! It was really nice. The tickets were only $15. It included; a makeup/beauty product raffle, A free pink tote bag, your makeup done and $15 towards a beauty product. The pink tote bag, also, came with a free sample of perfume and breakfast of strawberries, croissants and a water bottle. It was a nice time. Here are some pics:

The breakfast they gave us.

The crazy makeup they gave me.

A better shot.

The bag they gave us and some of the stuff that came with it.

On Sunday, My hubby and I went down to San Clemente to help my brother move. We took a break and got some great pictures from his roof top deck. He is right next to the SC pier, it was such a pretty day.

Aren't the power lines spectacular ;)

You can see the ocean in this one.

My brother sporting the George Michael beard.

My and my hubby in the patented self portrait.

No makeup...scary!

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WeezerMonkey said...

Cute hair! Cute banner!

Claire said...

Ooh, that haircut looks fantastic on you! The risk was well worth it!!! And I love how they did your makeup -- your eye lashes look so looooooong!

Shelley said...

Love the haircut. so cute. You look like me again :)

dapotato said...

cute haircut! i am contemplating a shorter cut this weekend.

BriannaNichole said...

Thanks guys! Even if I was not stoked on the cut I would be happy because it is soooo easy to do.

It looks much cuter how I styled it today.

Thanks :)

Kate said...

It's cute! But it looks like the length it was when I first met you.

Kimberly said...

Cute hair!!!