Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Little Ones

Like I mentioned two posts ago; last weekend I went to the beach with my sister and her kids. Actually, the oldest didn't end up going so we just brought the younger ones...aka The 'Babies'. They were so cute playing around in the sand. Mason, the younger one, thought it would be fun to try and eat the sand and then completely roll around in it.

The day made me realize I really do want kids, but I'm glad I don't have them yet. Here are some of the pictures:

We started the day off with some lunch at the Fisherman's

The kids found it hard to sit and eat when the beach was calling them.

Little Alexa

Oh no I have sand on my hands!

I love Mason's face in this picture.

Sand doesn't taste quite as good as it looks.

My sister would not let me take any pictures of her. She is going to be pissed that I posted this one.

Awwwwww ;)


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Shelley said...

So cute. I love the pics. Great job.