Thursday, March 20, 2008

Making Good on my Goals

If you remember my Goal blog post the other day I mentioned I wanted to be more physical and do more photography stuff. So, after work today, MH and I decided to head down to the park by my house and take some pictures. We are totally not pro or anything, but some of the pictures turned out pretty nice. I even played around with a few in photoshop, which I loooove. MH is really good at playing around with the different modes of the camera, while I like to find interesting angles. Hey, it works for us.

Ok, so I know this is a crazy close up picture of my face. MH was trying to see the detail of the picture if it was close up. The detail was really nice, while my old makeup, red eyes and wrinkles were not so much.

I edited the photo in photoshop. I like the effect. I added another layer and changed the mode to color burn, made the photo have a sepia tone and then deleted the sepia from my eyes. Its an interesting photo to say the least.

MH took a picture of the street sign.

I got my hot little hands on it and added an old time feel.

MH hates this picture and will probably be pissed that I posted it, but I like it. I took it from behind with my hand in the air. I didn't even know what it looked like till I uploaded it.

Chillin on the swing, lookin funky.

Dan thought it was funny that someone would write this on the bench.

Good ole Aliso Viejo sign.

I am so proud of this picture, this and the berry one you will see later. I took both of them. :D

This was kind of cool. This is one of those green things you see by houses. Someone took the cover off this one and there was spider webs in it. I just edited it by making it black and white.

The local middle school is having some events coming up, lol.

My oh-so-favorite sky pictures.

My cool berry picture that looked better before flickr compressed it.

Some one was getting a yummy dinner.

There were a bunch more pictures, but I'll stop there so you don't get too bored.
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Anonymous said...

Nice pic of the back of my head. Thanks hon!

- hubby