Monday, March 3, 2008

My Nice Weekend.

I had such a nice time this weekend. *sigh* too bad its over :(. My Dad went back east to be on QVC, yeah I'm cool my Dad's on TV. Since my Dad wa out of town, my sister and I hung out with my Mom. On Saturday we headed over to the mall for some yummy lunch at the Nordstroms Cafe and some shopping.

My Nieces trying on jewelry at Express.

My sister wanted me to take a pic of her 'laying an egg'.

Grandma helping Mason throw change into the fountain.

He kept trying to run away.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, exp. since it was so cloudy on Saturday. I got some great shots of the sunset. I took these from my balcony.

Regular mode on the camera

Sunset mode. You can really see a difference.

This one I took from my couch. You can see the screen, but the view was so nice I wanted to catch it.

I do love my sunset pictures.

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