Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Please pardon the Latin America soccer reference.

I keep thinking about different things that I want to do and change in my life. The thoughts just keep running through my mind and I never write anything down. Some of these are a way of life change and some are just crap I have been wanting to do or buy. In fact most of these things I have not done because of wanting to save money. So here are my goals:

Being More Physical
So I totally hate to work out (which is another one of my goals) but I want to be more physical. I have been trying to think of things that I can do, to become more physical while having fun. Some of the things that I have been kicking around are:
- Golf: I totally want to learn how to play golf. I asked my hubby to teach me, but he said it would be like the blind leading the blind. I tried to get my sister and cousin to learn with me; but one said it was her hubby's game and his time alone (you know who you are ;), and my sister has too many kids to think about adding any more activities to her life. Most of my family golfs so it would be nice to learn to play with them. Plus its outside, which it one of its more attractive qualities. My SIL is pretty good so maybe she will teach me.

- Dance Class
So I thought it may be fun to take a dance class. Actually, I would love to do ballet. Most of you probably don't know, but I was big into gymnastics when I was a really into it. I was at competition level and whatnot. They made me take some ballet classes, to get better, but I didn't love them. The class seemed so slow compared to the fast paced gymnastics I was used to. I would love to get back into. I kinda worried about two things; its been a long time since I did any dance class, and I am not a limber as I used to be. Oh wait I have one more; I don't want to be in a class with a bunch of young kids or senior citizens.

- Yoga
I didn't yoga for a while and loved it. If fact its kinda perfect for me because I have kinda a bad back and knees. This is perfect to stretch me out and its not high impact. The only drawback, it end up costing a lot of money.

- Tennis
My apartment has a tennis court and I would love to take advantage of it. I just need to get my butt in gear and buy some rackets....see how everything relates to money?

Save Money
I am sure this is ob everyones list. I really want to work on saving money. This includes; creating a budget, figuring out how to lower debt and figuring out how much I spend daily.

Loose Weight
This is not first in the list, but it is always first in my mind. This includes; eating healthier, bringing my lunch to work, working out or doing something physical every day. Ugggg, I don't even want to think about this one.

Higher Learning
I want to take some college classes. I was thinking about business English or cooking, something to better myself.

Ok, so its not like I want to be come a photographer or anything. I just want to ave a really nice camera. I want to be able to take nice pictures that I can play around with in Photoshop. In fact, I would love to take a class on Photography and Photoshop so I can learn to do both better. Plus this is something that both my husband and I enjoy, so we can do it together.

I really want to be a better wife, and this includes cleaning. I have never been one of these people that have totally been into cleaning and organizing things. I would love to get into the habit of picking stuff up and doing cleaning everyday. I am sure my hubby would be really happy if I did this!

Monogram Stuff
I have been vacillating (nice word huh) on the issue of my monogram web site. I started my Wedding Monogram blog, which has all kinds of tutorials and resources for brides to create wedding stationary. Since then girls have been asking me to create monograms and whatnot for them. I have done some, but I'm not sure if I want to get back into. I really enjoy the monograms, but its a lot of work to create the website and get them all online. I just need to decide if this is something I really want to get back into.

So I am sure there are a bunch more things that I could add to this list, but I will leave it at this. I hope I get the drive to start working on these goals.

As always, thanks for reading,


Claire said...

These are some great goals! Especially the "getting physical" ones -- I can totally see you rocking a ballet class.

Kate said...

BN! You're like 3 months off from New Years

Monica the Bride said...

Okay, so I love your blog so much I am going to be late to work from reading it!

I love your goals, and I am sure you can focus on a few, but stick to what makes you happy.

I would personally go grab a pizza and then find a new camera. :o)

And THEN whine about losing weight!

It's fun to be a girl!

Stephanie said...

Fantastic goals! Good Luck on them :) (I too am looking at learning how to play golf!)