Monday, March 3, 2008


My dear ole hubby turned me onto a new show, the other day. Its a new show called Califonication. It stars DAVID DUCHOVNY, NATASCHA McELHONE, MADELINE ZIMA and EVAN HANDLER.

David D. plays a washed up writer who is still pinning for his ex-girlfriend who is about to marry some other guy. He smokes, drinks and has sex way too much. However, he is super charming and totaly adores his 12 year old daughter. The show is really great. You will laugh, cry and enjoy some really great sex scenes (which is always a plus IMO).

My hubby and I ended up watching the whole season, thanks to Cox In Demand, in one afternoon. I would def. recommend the show. Season 2 is set to start in September.

Now go check it out,

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Kate said...

I seriously don't want to know that you enjoy watching the sex scenes. Does your mother read this blog?