Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Swear I'm Doing it This Time!

Last night I had a great time with my lovely cousin Shelley. I knew the evening was going to be great when it started off with Shelley making me dinner. She made some really yummy ribs and salad. I thought it was the perfect Spring dinner. Not too heavy but really filling. We shared some wine and chatted the night away. Since she just got her wedding video (16 months after her wedding!) we decided to have a wedding video night. She hadn't seen mine either. It was really nice to be able to remember the day.

What I really took away from the night, besides my hangover, was how good Shelley looked (come on, you know you do). She just had a baby a few months ago and she is skinner than when she got preggo. She has been making sure to make it to the gym and kinda watch what she eats.

Its kinda hard for me because we have always been around the same size. We were both really skinny at the same time. So now that I am wayyyy bigger than her it makes me feel that much worse. So I know I have said it before, but I swear I am going to loose weight this time. I think that secret is to not overwhelm yourself with all these new changes. If I can just take it one step at a time I can get there, I know it. I am going to start off with trying to get at least a 20-30 minute workout 3 times a week. I just got my pass key to the gym at my apartments, so I am all ready to go. It doesn't hurt that MH is really wanting to get back into working out too.

So everyone wish me luck, AGAIN.


Kate said...

Hmmmm Operation DBAFA?

Shiloh said...

hi - I saw your knot post and it looks like you were married at Casa Romantica. I'll be doing the same this October and would love to hear if you have feedback or ideas.

BriannaNichole said...

Hello Shiloh,
I did get married at the Casa Romantica. It is a great location. My advice would be to get a Day of Coordinator. The ones thay have on location are not very good. My cousin got married there, as well, and we both had another wedding rehearsal while we were trying to get everything ready for our weddings. I would make sure to as them if there is on on your wedding day.
Also, ask them to clean the floors.

Shelley said...

Oh your so sweet. You can do it. It was hardest to start working out, but it has now become an obsession to me to walk or exercise almost every day. Im still not eating right, but one step at a time. I love you and you are so beautiful inside and out. If you need any motivation Im here for you. Wanna walk tomorrow morning?

BriannaNichole said...

Yeah, lets walk.