Saturday, March 1, 2008

Brianna = Noble, strong, virtuous; hill

When I was younger I used to be really into what names meant. In fact, in High School, I bought a couple of books on baby names and their meanings. I think old lady at Borders thought I was pregnant when I bought the books. It didn't help I was wearing huge overalls, which was so in style then. But I digress. I used to like to pick out the names of for my future children and for my stories. In College I even did a speech about the meanings of names in different cultures. Like the naming traditions of the so and so tribe in Africa and whatnot.

Although my interest in names, their meanings and naming traditions has waned over the years. I found myself thinking about them again. I just found out that my cousins, who are expecting, are planning on naming their daughter Hazel. While I find this a pretty name, it made me think about how names have changed over the years. The trend of the moment seems to be a resurgence of 'old' names. Case in point; my nieces Ella and Emma. It is not uncommon to find names like; Sophia (Sophie), Isabelle (Isabella), Ella, Emma, Hazel and the like.

There are so many sites dedicated to the meanings of names. You can find the county of origin, meaning, root name and how popular the name is. In fact you can find this for you last (sur) name too! Just google 'Name Meanings' or "Baby Names'. You'll come up with a lot of results.

For your blogging pleasure, here is my name meaning:
Brianna: Noble, strong, virtuous; hill Origin: Gaelic

Nichole: Victory of the people Origin:Greek

So now that I feel like a total nerd, I will say goodbye.



Kate said...

I don't know that you can put any stock in name meanings.

Mine means truth and purity......

BriannaNichole said...

They sure got that ne wrong. ;)