Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hello From Mrs. Busy

Sorry for the lack of blogging the last few weeks. I started my new job yesterday and I have been really wrapped up in that. To tell you the truth I used to blog while at work at my old job...I know, terrible. Since I cannot do that any more I have been blogging way less.

Speaking of my new job, I am having a good time. The first few days of a new job are kinda boring and awkward. Yesterday I was super bored, by the time I got home I had a huge headach and was reall tired. Today was so much better. I did have more training, but I also had a chance to start work on some stuff and that made me feel way more useful. There are things I am not really liking, and things that I totally looove. Like the fact that the health coverage is wayyyy better and cheaper than my last job, the little incentives they throw in....AND the 24 hr Fitness membership they pay for. YAY.

On to another topic, I did actually do some stuff on my week off. I got a chance to hang out with some of the local (and not so local) OC Nesties, for a book exchange GTG. Everyone brought some books and some grub. There was lots of food and drinks. I was sad because I'm really not supposed to drink anything, but it was fun anyway. I have to give a big thanks to Diame for hosting it. She was a super hostess....THANKS DIANE.

Here are some of the pictures.

I am told that the McD's coffee is to die for.

Claire with her cupcake ice cream cone. APK made these for Diane's birthday.

Some of the yummy food and drinks.

Little Mrs. Diane.

Another side of APK.

MBOC (Sarah) and her cone.

Kim and sweet it will make your teeth hurt.

Calire is soooo sad :(

I call this 'I've had enough'!

Diane cleaning Caleb's puke off the couch....ewwww

Red Cup

Pweeese can I hab some Claire.

Claire, Stop bitting the pets.

Their shirts match :)

Thanks for checking out my blog. I will try to get a tutorial or something fun up soon.



A Feminist Gold Digger said...

Great pics! Love the ones of the pups!

Kimberly said...

So much fun! It was great seeing you on Sunday!!

R said...

Happy to hear the job is going OK so far. The photos from your book exchange were great. Well, except for the Caleb puke part...yuck.

Aline said...

AW now THOSE are some friggen cute pics.

10yearstogether said...

Glad you are loving your job! YOu took such great pictures at the book gtg, hope you had fun Bri. It was nice seeing you again. You must post or something on the effects you did to these pics. Too cool.