Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This Week Already Sucks!

Don't you hate when a new week rolls around and it starts out sucking? On Monday Morning I woke up and my stomach was killing me. It felt like it did when I was planning my wedding (i.e. bad heartburn). I'm not sure if I am getting an ulcer or not, but my tummy totally hurts and its pissing me off. I am going into the DR.'s later this week so hopefully she will be able to figure it out. My silver lining; I have lost about 5lbs because I haven't been eating that much. I love when weight loss is a symptom.

This weekend was really nice, except for the part where my sister tells me that they may be moving. Ummmm, no! You have to stay really close to me. Ok, so its not Colorado or anything but it is about 15 minutes away and really inconvenient for me! I know, I know I am totally being selfish but if you cannot be selfish on your blog then where can you be selfish. It just sucks because I usually have to go to her house, if I want to see her, because she always has the kids and my apartment is sooo not kid proof. She literally lives about 5 minutes away. Its going to be hard to just stop by after work and hang out for a bit. Plus no more having MH drop me off and pick me up..... it will be to far for him. Don't get me wrong, deep down I am totally happy for my sister, but I know I will not get to see her as much and that sucks. *sigh* I can only hope she finds something much better closer.

To top it all off the DVD MH and I were trying to watch, last night, kept freezing up right in the middle. Ok, maybe now I'm just finding things to complain about. I did have a really nice weekend.

Friday: I got to take some pictures of my cousin's kids for Mother's Day..shhhhh she doesn't know. No worries she doesn't check my blog. We went down to Main Beach in Laguna. It was the perfect time of day. I will try to post some of the pictures tomorrow. I will have to say that it was a little hard to get some pictures. The kids are 11ish, 14 and 16. The 16 year old didn't want to have anything to do with the pics. The 14 year old was totally into it and was a perfect subject and the 11 year old was into for a minute but kept getting really distracted.

Saturday: MH and I went to a friends and had a really nice dinner.
Really Nice Dinner = Me not cooking!
We got to meet another couple, who were super nice. The evening was really nice.

Sunday: I got to hang out at my cousins for a bit, lay around and read and hang out with MH. We watched Sicko Michael Moore. I totally did not want to watch it, but MH had turned it on and I totally got sucked in. It was really good and surprisingly Michael Moore is pretty funny. I would suggest it.

The weekend was really nice, although it would have been better if my tummy would not have been so upset. I guess that's what I get for eating the way I do. *sigh*

Here's to hoping the week gets much better,


That Girl said...

Did you lose your license? How come you can't drive yourself over to your sis's new place?

Shelley said...

I know what you meant about Denielle moving. I already told her Im happy for her, just not happy about it :)

The pics were fun, I cant wait to see them. Hurry up :)

Sorry about Sunday - I was so looking forward to taking pics.

10yearstogether said...

Bummer - I hope the rest of the week is goimg better for you =)