Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Week of Sloth

So far I am totally loving my week off between jobs. I have been getting to hang out with my sister...a lot... and I am getting some much needed chores done.

Yesterday I went w/ my Mom and sister to the Nordstrom's half yearly sale. It was pure heaven. Who knew shopping in the middle of a work day could be so great. I got some really nice stuff. Including; some new work clothes and a kick-ass dress. I just may have to plan a special date night so that I can wear it. I have been having the worst time buying clothes, since I got fat. This dress was just what I needed, it was big in the places I needed to hide, and tight in the ones I wanted to show off *cough*boobs*cough*.

I think I could totally get used to this not working thing. It would be a lot better if the weather would be a bit better and my stomach didn't still bug me.

Speaking of stomach, I guess this would be a good time for an update. So my tummy was feeling much better (lost...see older blog entries) after taking the pills my Dr. gave me. The other day the nurse calls and says that I tested positive for the bacteria that causes ulcers. So I have to stop taking the magic pills that make me feel better and start taking the others. I haven't started taking them yet because the pharmacy says they don't have anything under my name (I'm going to call them in a minute to see what is up). Now I have to go in and get a test to see if I have an ulcer...all in time for my old insurance to cancel. Now I have to be put on MH's and it is costing an arm and a leg.

Hey, at least I still have a few days off.
Hugs all around,


10yearstogether said...

Bri, sorry to hear about the stomach problems amd I'm hoping that the new meds work. =( Upside is, I hope you're still able to enjoy your last few days of freedom!

R said...

I hope the tummy mellows out for you. Score on the clothes and sloth though. That's awesome. :)