Friday, May 9, 2008


Happy Friday, payday Friday for me. I have to say that this week is shaping up to be better than I thought. I got my new contacts in the mail, yay for not having to leave work early to go pick them up. I was 1lb lighter this morning annnnnd I have more room in my jeans. I think that is a total of about 6 or 7lbs. I found a music folder, on my work pc, that had all the music I thought I had lost. I have some news on the business/job front, but I will talk about it when I know more.

The biggest thing of all is that I am feeling so much better, not 100% but getting there. I really think that combo of eating right and the pills are starting to work. I still feel like someone was beating me up from the inside, but it is much better than it was. I appreciate all the really nice comments I got from well wishers. It did make me feel better.

I am going shopping tonight for my new diet....or eating lifestyle, whatever. I really feel motivated to be really healthy. My Dad told me that eventually I will not crave the fatty fried foods........I don't buy it, but one can only hope. I crave a time when Del Taco chili cheese fries or Hooters buffalo wings turn me off. Until then I will just have to keep reminding myself how they made me feel. I wish I could bottle this feeling and turn it on whenever I am tempted to eat something bad for me.

Hopefully everyone has a supper happy and healthy weekend and Mothers Day.


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That Girl said...

Your dad's kinda right - whenever I eat junk food/fast food/fried food I get really sick to my stomach - which makes me not crave them at all!