Friday, May 2, 2008

Shaving with WHAT?

While taking my morning shower I discovered I was out of my very favorite body was from Arbonne. All that was there was Dan's crappy bar soap. I have very sensitive skin so bar soaps are no good for me. On top of that I needed to shave today. I decided to do a little trick that I used to use when I was younger. I used my shampoo to shave with. It sounds kind of weird, but it totally works. Too bad all I had was my way overpriced shampoo for color treated hair. The stuff ended up working great. In fact, as I have been getting older I have been more susceptible to getting razor rash. I didn't have any this morning. The shampoo worked great. It did make the shower a little slippery but my legs feel great.

Thanks Biolage you are the best shaving gel out there ;)

Happy Friday,


That Girl said...

I use conditioner, because we always run out of shampoo first.

Nanette said...

I've used conditioner, too. :)