Sunday, June 8, 2008

Game Over :(

Well, not so much the game as the weekend. This weekend was nice, if a tad too short. On Saturday I got to hang out with my hubby a bit. We headed up to Sammy's Camera in Costa Mesa to look at lenses for our camera. He wanted to get a telescopic lense and I wanted a wide angle. What did we learn? They are both wayyyyy out of our price range!!! I am loving this photography hobby, but it is turning out to be an exensive one. Granted, I didn't expect them to be 25 bucks, but not 2 grand for an ok lens. I guess I will have to make due with what I have for now. Although I do have my eye on a better flash.

Later we headed to Olive Garden for a late lunch. I keep forgetting how much I like that place. Dan had a headach so he went home and I went out to the movies with my brother. I haven't gotten to hang out with Devin in a while, so it was really nice that it ended up just being the two of us. We went to go see Zohan, but the movie was so front row seating only, that we suck into Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Devin had already seen it but he said he would totally go again because it was really funny. I wasn't so sure, but I went along anyway. The movie was hilarous! There wasn't 5 minutes that went by that I wasn't laughing. I think I even snorted a time or two. I would suggest going to see it. It totally exceeded my expectations.

On Sunday (today...prob yesterday for most of you reading this, I got to go to my cousin's baby shower. I got a bunch of great pictures so I will be posting them later in the week, heaven forbid I post pics without photoshopping them ;). My cousin Breanne, actually she married my cousin Nick, is just about the cutes thing you have ever seen. She was Snow White, Ariel and a bunch of other Disney Pincesses at Disneyland. She totally looks like a pregnant Snow White in these pictures. She is a sweetheart too! She is def. a welcome addition to our family. Her and her hubby may be moving up to my neck of the woods soon, so that makes me happy too.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have to appologise for my lack of blogging, again! I have been so busy at work that I really haven't had the time or inclination to blog.


R said...

2 Gs?!? Eeek!

Shelley said...

Come on girl... I want more "fabulous" posts!