Monday, October 29, 2007

Wild Wild Weekend

First I have to say that I am totally like the Google of blogging, meaning my blog header changes for the holidays. With that being said I will tell you about the great weekend I just had.
Friday: October 26, 2007

After work I headed over to my sisters house to share a bottle of wine and chat about the upcoming Halloween party and various other girl crap. I have recently started drinking Zinfandel wine, yummy, so I got us a bottle of Kendall Jackson Zin. I would highly recommend it as a low cost, around $10, bottle of wine that is pretty good.

Saturday: October 27, 2007

My sister had a jean party at her house, it was nice. Some ladies came over with; some racks of clothes, lots of jeans, jewelry, purses and kids clothes. The stuff was really cute, but I didn't want to pay too much money for designer 'inspired' stuff. My sister asked if the Juicy track suites were real and the lady wouldn't give her a straight answer. She kept saying that they didn't have papers for them but they matched up the tags and they were the same. Read: Fake. Come on lady just tell the truth. By the end the ladies got kinda bitchy because there were not that many people there. If I had not already purchased my jeans I would not have bought anything due to their attitude at the end.

Later, on Saturday, my hubby and I got ready for my cousin's Halloween party. The only thing that sucked was that it was all the way in Temecula. My sister and brother ended up driving with H and I down to the party, so that was fun. It was absolutely adorable that my cousins decorated their house for their party. There were all kinds of headstones in the front lawn, totally reminiscent of the Disneyland Haunted House ones. They had cobwebs all over, strobe lights and a headless man in the front room. They even put fake glow in the dark blood all over the walls. It was such a blast. I thought it was so sweet of them to ask people to bring canned good for all the fire evacuees. Here are some of the pictures

My brother Devin dresses as the Greatest American Hero

My cousin's Nick and Bree dressed as Mortisha and Gomez Adams. My sister Denielle, as Dorothy, is jumpin in for the pic.

Good and bad angel.

Tish and Gomez, again.

My sister Denielle and I. Arrr me matey.

Even Breanne's parents joined in for the fun.

My sister, brother and I.

My husbands comment on this picture: mmmmm KEGGGGGGG!!

Edward scissor hands cutting my brother's hair. BTW: ES MADE his costume...not bad.

Nick w/ the hooka smoke.

Hubby taking a little bite out of my sister.

BIL Scott's costume... he came as tired.

Doug and his GF Gena (sp). He was windy man, or left wind I don't remember.

I love this picture of Nick and Devin, Nick had to move his stash to his cheek to do the beer bong.

Cousin Brad as Starsky or Hutch...

Me and Brad.

Nerdy Guy.

Me and Devin sharin a smoke. Don't worry Mom, its just pretend.

I swear my sisters mouth is open in every picture.

'Sisters, sisters..there were never such devoted sisters.'

Fishing for my sister.

Devin and I cutting a rug.


Sunday: October 28, 2007

On Sunday I got to relax a little from Saturday's activities. Later in the evening I went to Karaoke with the amazing LA and OC Nesties. We drove up to the The Orchid in LA, thanks for driving Claire!! It was such a blast. Miss Katie Pham and I shared some yummy Soju and we sang the night away. A lot of my pictures were blurry, but I do have some video. I will upload later today and give a much better update then.

So all in all the weekend was a blast. Thanks so much everyone who participated to make it so fun. You all are amazing.



WeezerMonkey said...

Such great costumes! I love your "Google-esque" changing header!

Kimberly said...

Cute costume!!

Dawn Malone said...

Looks like a great time. You and yor sister look great! You look great with the shorter bangs. Talk to you soon!

Dawn Malone said...

Okay, just read my comment. Noticed a few errors. Remind me not to type after 9pm. :)

amber said...

there are some great costumes there --- i'm impressed!