Monday, October 15, 2007

I Hate Men :|

This weekend totally cheated on my diet, not just a little a LOT. I had a wedding on Saturday, the food couldn't be mediocre like most wedding, the food was FANTASTIC. There was steak with mushrooms in an amazing sauce, chicken with this yummy cream cheese concoction under the skin (yep I ate the skin too), melt in your mouth red potatoes and the best salad dressing ever. I washed it all down with a Pineapple Fresca. It was almost worth it.
Since I messed up on Saturday, I naturally thought it ok to let loose on Sunday. Dan went out and got me Del Taco for lunch and we ordered a pizza for dinner. Please don't stone me yet, I am sorry!
To make matters worse I gained a pound and a half and my husband, who sat on his butt all weekend and ate worse than I did, lost 2lbs. Its so not fair. Its like that commercial, for the women's weight loss pills, that has a stick figure man and a woman. She is talking about how he is loosing all this weight while she is working 10x harder and not loosing any. She finally yells at him; 'you keep loosing weight, you wanna be zero'. That is totally how I felt when I weighed myself this morning. Although the weekends have always been my weak point. Tonight hubby and I are going to the hockey game and I have a feeling I will be cheating again. You cannot bring in any outside food and I am just sure they don't serve a Scarsadale Diet menu. mmmmmmm nachos mmmmmmmm hot dog. Although I will stay away from the beer...maybe.
I think I am going to get up early tomorrow morning and workout.

As always, wish me luck,
BriannaNichole - the cheater.


WeezerMonkey said...

Good luck, and hang in there! We do not live in a bubble, and we can't be "good" all the time!

I totally hear you on the men losing weight so easily. It makes me mad, too! Seriously, Mr. Monkey can just take a big dump, and he's five pounds lighter. :P

amber said...

sounds like the food was so good :) enjoy the fact that you were able to eat that yummy goodness, have fun tonight, don't beat yourself up too much and then just move on and get back on track. tons of luck to you!

10yearstogether said...

I am totally speechless! I feel like I gaimed a poumd just readimg about all that good food.