Friday, October 12, 2007

T-Shirts and More Crap.

I found the greatest web site when I was perusing Perez Hilton's web site, I know I'm stupid but I get soooo bored. is a web site with all kinda of cool t-shirts. Here are some of my favs:

Tommy Boy has to be one of the best movies ever. I think Hubby might be getting this one for x-mas (sorry for ruining the surprise, Dan).

Who did not love Saved by the Bell? I still watch it in the morning before work.

If you went to Elementary school in the 90's then you know this one. Playing Oregon Trails was the best part of the day.

*sigh* Too bad they don't have a She-Ra one.

I want to be a Goonie when I grow up.

Punky is just cool.

Too funny.

Just a mini-update on diet. Its going really well. I am craving all kinds of foods that are bad for me, but hey what else is new?!?!? I have stuck to the Scarsdale diet since Wednesday, when I started. I feel pretty good and I even lost a few lbs. I am going to get a digital scale tonight so I can actually read my exact weight. I keep making my hubby bend down to read the old school scale. Hopefully I can loose 20lbs by vacation, but I'm not going to beat myself up to do it. All I can do is try my best.
I was looking for some bathing suites online at Victoria's They have so many cute suits right now. I am going to reward myself for loosing 10lbs (when I do) with a new suit for vacation. Hopefully it will be in enough time for vacation.

Keep on wishing me luck,


WeezerMonkey said...

Ahhh! I just found you! You're totally going on my blogroll! :)

10yearstogether said...

GL om the weight loss - you cam do it! Amd OMG - Oregom Trail - I got so mostalgic for a momemt...

amber said...

oregon trails!? man, i haven't heard that mentioned for years.

vicki's has really cute suits -- tons of luck on your weight loss girlie :)

crazydogtshirts said...

Hi, I just saw the blog comment :) I am the owner of Crazy Dog and really appreciate it! Please choose a free shirt and email we can send it right out!

Best, Bill