Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Randomness for a Tuesday

Halloween is tomorrow, and I have to shove myself back into my costume. I love dressing up at work because you don't really have to work, but this year feels different. Maybe because I am stressing out about vacation or it could be because I already worse my costume once. Although the most likely reason is because I saw pics of me in my outfit and I felt really fat. Well, whatever reason it is I am kinda dreading Halloween this year. The thought of getting up early to curl my hair, slather on my makeup and get into my outfit is really daunting. As soon as I am at work I am sure I will feel much better about it. I am hoping that when I wake up tomorrow I will feel in the mood for some Halloween fun.

On to some lighter things. I was thinking yesterday about how much I LOVE to read. I mean I really, really love to read. I will pretty much read anything, but my favorite books are romance novels (yes I know I like smut) and science fiction-fantasy books.

When I got married I got rid of a bunch of my books, which I totally regret now since I generally re-read them. I ended up finding this great used bookstore in Fountain Valley called Camelot Books. They have a great selection and the books are about 1/2 price or less. Its great for me because I end up spending so much money on books.

Anyway, her are some of my favorite books/Authors.

Fantasy Books

  • 'Dragon Prince/Star Trilogies' by Melanie Rawn: I LOVED these books. There are 3 in the Dragon Prince set, and there are three in the Dragon Star set. The Dragon Star continues with the same characters as the Dragon Prince, so its like one big set of books. I must have read these at least 4 times each. I would highly recommend these to anyone who likes Fantasy books.
  • 'The Wheel of Time Books' by Robert Jordan: These books are so good. There are 10 books out right now and there are more coming, the next book should be the last. While I really enjoy these books, it is taking the author way to long to finish them. I would suggest that anyone wanting to read these books wait until they are all finished before they start. When the last book comes out I am going to re-read them, they have so many details that its really easy to forget stuff.
  • 'The Exiles Books' by Melanie Rawn: I am tempted to say that hate Melanie Rawn for making me wait so long for the rest of this series. The Exiles Trilogy consists of; The Ruins of Ambrai, The Mageborn Traitor and the Capitols Tower. The Capitols Tower is forthcoming.

Romance Novels/Authors

  • 'Legend' by Jude Deveraux: Pretty much anything by Jude Deveraux is gold. I love her books so much. She has a way of weaving a story so that you don't want to stop reading. Yet her books are easy enough that you can read through them in a couple of days. She is one of my favorite authors to bring with me on vacation. Plus I loooove that she does a lot trilogies. Back to Legend. It features Kady who is an amazing cook that is about to get married. She stops by an antique shop and buys an old flour tin. Low and behold it has a wedding gown in it. She tries on the gown and is transported back into the 1800's. Did I mention that I love going back into time books? Anyway she meets a guy, romance is everywhere yet some verrrry interesting things happen. Other Books by Jude Deveraux that I love:
  • 'The Mulberry Tree': About a women whose husband dies and she has to learn to make it on her own.
  • 'Forever, Always and Forever and Always': Trilogy (my fav).
  • 'Carolina Isle' and 'First Impressions': I put these together since they take place in the same town. Take my advice and go read them.

  • Anything by Nora Roberts. She is just so good. Like Jude Deveraux she writes a lot of trilogies and she has a lot of books so you know you will always find something you like at the bookstore. Some of my favs by her are; 'The Key' trilogy and 'In the Garden' trilogy. Pretty much you cannot go wrong by her. Nora likes to add an element of mystery, or danger, to her books. In fact, she has a whole line of books that are more geared to mystery readers. She writes under the name J.D. Robb.
  • The Undead and.... books by MaryJanice Davidson. If you are looking for a laugh out loud series of books, this is it. MaryJanice is sooo funny. My hsband would make fun of me because I kept laughing out loud when I read these books. They are about a gal (Betsy) who gets bitten by a vampire, dies and becomes the Queen on the Vampires. Queen Betsy has a sharp tongue and love of expensive designer shoes. 6 books in all, BTW they will not disappoint!
  • The Rose books by Julie Garwood.
  • The Carpathian Novels by Christine Feehan. Ok, so who doesn't like a good, sexy vampire novel? These are great.

  • Anything by Jodi Picoult. Ug I soooo love her! She doesn't fit into the romance category, but I don't have enough fiction to start its own category. Her books are so good. I don't think I have read one that I didn't like. Granted Jodi does have a way of making you feel uncomfortable about what she is writing, but I always enjoyed reading the book. Jodi is so good at weaving the story and making you feel exactly what the character is feeling. I have to say my favorite is 'My Sisters Keeper' maybe because it was the first of hers I had read, or because I have a sister. I have given this book to about 10 people and they all say that they love it.

Well, thanks for reading my blog. I am sorry there is no clear format.




Stephanie said...

I bet once you put that costume on you'll feel great.

I am gonna have to check out some of those books.

amber said...

my sister's keeper is the first piccoult book i read too and like you, it's still my favorite. :)