Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm Taking her to the Pound on Tuesday!

This last Sunday was grandpa's 75 birthday. To celebrate my cousin planned a surprise birthday party for his with the whole family, it was a blast. Grandma surprised him with a dog, since his beloved Susi died last year. Here are some of the highlights.

Grandpa walking in the door being surprised.

Uncle Billy with my nephew Mason

Me, my sister and her daughter Alexa.

My cousin Jenny.

Sexy Laurie

My cosuin Elena

Me w/ Jenny and my Aunt Susi.

Singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa. His first words when he saw the dog were; 'That better not be my dog'. Yet he held him the whole night. Grandpa is such a softee.

Here is the collection I call: 'My Husband Being Artsy W/ Food'

His beer.

T%he cookies my sister made, I was strong and said no.

Well I couldnt say no to cookies annnnd cake

Give me food

Grandpa opening his gifts. Notice the dog is still stuck to his hip.

More presents for me.

I call this one: 'Baby Cage'.

Preggo Shelley. Thanks for throwing the party.

Cousin Brad trying to be ghetto.

Denielle and Laurie..they cannot take a serious picture to save their lifes.

Belly bump.

Me and Mommy.

Caught in the act.

Me and grandma...awwwwwwww

She so crazy.

Breanne and Jared.

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amber said...

these pictures crack me up :)

looks like a great partay m'dear!