Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The NEW BriannaNichole

A couple of weeks ago I made a post that listed my various goals for the future. They were not resolutions as much as goals or just things that I wanted to change or work on. One of those this was cleaning. I just have to say that I am a super messy unorganized person. I have always hated that about myself, but I never cared enough to change. I guess my laziness has always gotten the better of me. I don't mind deep cleaning; like the shower, kitchen etc. I just hate picking up my room. Maybe it stems from a childhood rebellion against my parents...I don't know. I do know that I have always HATED cleaning. Mostly its my clothes and books. I have a habit of washing my clothes, throwing them on the floor and then rewashing them.

MH and I got in a fight about my messy habits and he brought up some really good point. Although, it did really hurt to be told to grow up and just clean it. I felt like a kid again, but I guess I really was acting like one. So after our argument I totally cleaned my room. I mean I still had stuff in boxes from moving in after we got married. So I did a major overhaul. I went through all my boxes, cleaned and organized my closet, dresser, night name it and I cleaned it.

It really felt good not just to clean but to organize everything as well. As I mentioned before I am not very organized. It was nice to have a place for everything. It was also really nice to space for all my clothes and shoes and whatnot. It just makes it super easy to upkeep.

The 2 best parts;
1. I have really been keeping it up. Its super easy now that there is a place for everything.
2. It has made me want to organize other things in my life

When I posted my goals I was serious about wanting to change my life. I think that this is a really good start and I am excited to work on the working out part next.



Kate said...

I think life is so much more peaceful when things are put in their proper places.

Shelley said...

Good Girl!