Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thoughts for a Tuesday.

While I was reading a friends blog I came across a part where she mentioned that she wrote her blogs in her head. I thought nothing of it until I was in the shower this morning and I was doing the very same thing. I never noticed it before, but I totally do that! I cannot tell you how many blogs I have started in my head, while getting ready for work, falling asleep at night, fast forwarding my DVR or driving around. So here is the blog I wrote in my head....although it always changes as I start to write it.

I had a chance to assist the amazing Jennifer Johnson of OCs Finest Weddings on a wedding last weekend. Most of you probably know that Jennifer was the one who was the Day of Coordinator for my wedding. Over the last year I have gotten the chance to assist her on many of her weddings. It is always fun for me because I just LOVE weddings. I am sure most brides cannot wait for the wedding to be over so they can move on, I am just the opposite...I cannot get enough. I love talking about them, planning them, watching them, helping create them, etc. I love to see how everything comes together on the day of. I show up at Jennifer's house and all I see are boxes of stuff. Then the florist comes in and there are buckets of flowers but no centerpieces. It is amazing how in just a few short hours all those things because a beautiful wedding. In fact, after seeing so many of Jennifer's weddings I wish that I had used her design services as well. I am just floored by some of the lovely things that she comes up with.

But, I digress. I got a chance to bring my new camera to her last wedding. You can see the pictures on her blog: http://blog.ocsfinestweddings.com/

I got some really nice compliments on those pictures. In fact some people have told me that I should go into the photography business. I don't think I'm quite to that point, in fact I don't think I ever will be. I just enjoy weddings and photography. I don't think I would ever combine the two. I just don't think I could stand doing to a bride what my photographer did to me. It is a lot of pressure to be in charge of the only tangible memories that a bride can take away from her wedding. Although I wouldn't mind taking some shots for free, just for fun. I would love to make take some; getting ready, engagement, TTD or other photos. Just because I enjoy them.

Those are my thoughts for a Tuesday,

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