Tuesday, April 22, 2008

She is NOT 50!

Happy, Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother who just turned 50! That's right, 50! Although it is hard for me to believe that someone who looks like this:

Is 50!

Last weekend my sister and I planned a fun filled day for mom's 50th. Since she already had a bunch of bday plans,going to New York and Palm Springs, we just planned something small. We met, in the morning, at my sister's house. We started the day with some coffee and shopping. Then, we headed over to lunch at Cedar Creek Inn in Laguna Niguel. Little did she know that we planned to have some of the family join us for a fun girls lunch.

After lunch we headed back to my place for some Champagne and snacks. We had a blast just sitting around drinking and having fun. Later we headed to my spa...which it was a perfect day for.

Here are some of the pictures from the day.

The bday sign I created. I didn't work so great on that chair, but Mom loved it and that's what counts.

Flower arrangement my sister made. Apparently my skills do not extend to working with flora.

Shelley and Aidan, he was not super happy to be with so many ladies.

Yummy hand!

Mason is ok with being with the ladies as long as there is food around.

Poor Aunt Holly was super sick.

:)Cute face Shell

Grandma and Alexa...I guess that's great grandma to her.

Aunt Susi and Jenny look like two peas in a pod, two blond, blue-eyed peas.

Little Alexa in her Princess dress.

Auntie Shelley I don't need help!

Mmmmmm my wine.

My 'Nigel' salad

Mom's Pasta

The cute little cake my sister made.

Denielle passing out her yummy cupcakes.

Set up at home.

I couldn't resist adding this one. There are hornets all around our apartments, expecially this time of year. MH got a great picture of one right by our door. I have to note, that this was right before he sprayed him.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!!!

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Kate said...

That's such a sweet thing for you girls to do. I'm sure she appreciated it.