Friday, February 8, 2008

Want To Make Yourself Feel Better?

I was going through photos for my next tutorial, which I have no idea what it will be, and I came across some interesting pictures. I talk a lot about how crappy I thought my photographer was. More so about how she handled me being angry than for the actual photos. I think she is an ok photographer, but her photos are not that nice, etc. I am not going to post who my photographer was on my blog.

Annnyway. I am wanted to post her very lame attempt at editing some of my wedding photos. I would be embarrassed if I was her.

BTW these are the ONLY photos she edited.

Have a good laugh for the weekend.


rowena said...

Hey Brianna Nichole! How random! I was bored this week so I googled my name and found out I was mentioned on your blog for the TDD in SD, then I'm checking out my friend Crissy's blog and there you were! Small world. Just wanted to say hi and tell you good job on those tutorials!!!

Kate said...

Did she do the fogginess or are you trying to protect the innocent?