Friday, February 8, 2008

Random Picture for a Happy Friday

I don't really have much to blog today, so I though I would drag out some old pictures.

This picture was taken with my cell phone. It is my sister and I. Denielle was preggo with her second baby Alexa (now 2) in this picture. I am pretty sure we were at the Dana Point Harbor. We prob were getting food after church. Denielle looks like she is ready to pop in this picture.

LOL This is my brother, Devin, and my Dad. This was our trip to Cancun, on the party boat, in October of 04. They are intently listening to instructions on what they must do to get a shot.

FYI.... this is what they had to do

Since we are on the subject of Cancun... Best Margaritas in the World

Siiigh, and I was not that skinny here. I would love to go back though.

My sister and I at my bridal shower. We are pretending to cut the cake like we were getting married. The cake was huge and sosososososos yummy.


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