Friday, February 22, 2008

BB8 Sighting

My hubby went to the Hooters in Costa Mesa last night and Danielle Donato from Big Brother 8 was there. If you are a BB8 fan you know that Danielle was in the BB8 house and was reunited with her estranged father Evil Dick. Danielle ended up coming in second, her father won, in the competition.

Danielle used to work at the Hooters in Costa Mesa and she was just hanging out catching up with her friends. MH didn't want to be annoying so he just snapped a quick shot with his camera phone.

On a side note, MH and I used to go to that Hooters all the time. When BB8 started I could not shake the feeling that I had seen Danielle before. She just looked so familiar to me. It wasn't until the end of the show that someone said she worked at the Hooters that I frequented.

BTW: How good does this look?

I may have to make a Hooters run for lunch tonight.


Kate said...

I still have never been to Hooters

Anonymous said...

i randomly found ur page. I was at hooters tonight Friday Apirl 10th of 09 and our waitress looked so much like her. I thought it was her, the name on the tag was Dani. It looks exactly like her, her hair is different. I didn't get a chance to ask if its her or not. but if you get a chance to go look for her. looks exactly like.

Anonymous said...

I think dani is working again at hooters april 10th of 09 (sorry if double posting)