Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Denielle!

My sister turned 26 this Saturday...yes, yes her birthday is on Groundhogs day. We took her out for some dinner, shopping and lots of drinking to celebrate. First we headed over to >PF Changs for some really yummy crab wantons, martinis and seared ahi. We followed that up with some shopping, which we had to cut short due to my sister’s tiny bladder. Then we headed over to Dave and Busters for some more drinks and games. We ended up meeting my cousin who was there with her daughter and some friends. Here are some of the pics.


My sister's scary face

Kill em

Yeah Baby!

Make sure to check out Shelley's Blog for more pictures of the night.

Happy Birthday Nellie!

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Kate said...

I still can't believe your sister is 6 months younger than me....