Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vivid Mode Flowers

So I read a review that said that that the Olympus E510 camera tends to produce pictures that are on the blue/dark side. They suggested that your pictures might turn out better when they are in Vivid mode. Today I took some pictures of the flowers in my front yard in Vivid and Natural mode to see what looked better. Plus I wanted to try out my telephoto lens in manual mode.

I'm not sure if I mixed up the photos or if the cloud cover had something to do with it, but the photos in Vivid mode did not turn out AT ALL. I am thinking that it might look a little different in the sunlight and/or on skin tone.

Photo in Vivid mode. Its a blue.

Same flower in natural mode.

Since I am excited about how much sharper the images look after fussing with the settings....

All I need now is to pay attention to how much noise are on the photos.
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Shelley said...

nice pics... lets hang out soon and practice.