Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Devin, Married...NO!

As you may have read in a previous blog post my brother Devin and his fiance Candice have gotten married!!! Who would have thought Devin had time in his busy schedule to put down the video/computer game to actually attend the ceremony? I jest.

It really has been such a joy to be Devin's sister. He is funny, charismatic, loving, smart and an all around amazing brother. This a guy who would wrestle with me, as a kid, and when he accidentally hurt he he would turn around and make me laugh so I forgot all about it. When I was still young enough to be embarrassed about having a period; he went to the store and bought me tampons. You can't ask for a better brother than that.

I was so elated when Devin called and said he was dating someone. You see, Devin dated some but they were never important enough to pull him away from his video or computer games. BTW he LOVES games. I can remember the call where he told me alllllllll about her. He was so cute. He talked her up so much that I was nervous to meet this vision of perfection Devin had made her out to be. After I met her I knew that Devin had found someone special. I remember thinking that she would fit right in with our family.

Imagine my utter surprise when after a few short months of dating Devin said he and Candice were getting married. I think the whole thing was a little hectic and rushed, but they seem to be genuinely happy that they are man and wife. We got toge her for a mini-reception dinner with immediate family from both sides. It was really nice to get to meet Candice's family. I loved seeing how well Devin fit right in with them. It is nice to know that your sibling has married into a family that loves him and cherishes his uniqueness.

Here are a few of the pictures that I got to take at the dinner.

My fav pic of the bride and groom!

I love how vintage this one feels

Devin and the Dads

My hubby took this one and complained that I put the telephoto lens on. I

kinda like it, it's funky.

Hee hee I love this pic.

I'm so sad this one is blurry!

Congrats Devin and Candice! I love you both,

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Shelley said...

now I totally see the resemblance between you and your grandma :)

great pics.