Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Hubby's Picture Rules

So, my hubby is super private. I have been told that I am not allowed to post pictures of him on my blog. In fact, we got in a little tiff when I told him that I was going to post wedding pictures of him. Now I have to get approval from him to post our anniversary pictures online. I just don't know why people care. it's not like I am going to post bad pics of him, or naked pictures ;).

So if you see a bunch of pictures of me you know it is because I cannot post any of him or of us.




Shelley said...

I remember when I made a bio the 1st time and dave was the same way. They I was like who cares... It's just a picture. He agree's and then found it really funny when someone from the knot recognized him. The only one he really doesn't care about is my blog. I guess because he sends it to his friends too.

Stephanie said...

My Hubby is the exact same way. In fact he doesn't want our life out there, so I closed my blog, and took down my bios :( Sad sad day when that happened.

paulssandy said...

Oh, how sad....maybe you can show him some bogs with DH pictures, so he won't feel like he is singled out!

Sandy O