Monday, September 8, 2008

2 Years Today!!

Happy Anniversary to Dan and I. Today (9/8/08) Dan and celebrate our second wedding anniversary. It is so strange, on one hand I feel like the last two years have flown by, and on the other I cannot imagine what it feels like not to be married.

Year two, for us, has brought new challenges and new joys. I will have to say that it was a lot harder than year one, but I really do feel like the things that we have went through have made us that much stronger.

I know most of my readers have been treated (I use that word loosely) to several posts with wedding pictures, but bear with me cuz you're gettin another one. I wanted to celebrate my anniversary by taking the post to remember our very special day, well it was specail to us.

Ahh my dress and my flowers. Flower Allie did such an amazing job on the flowers. My dress was just gorgeous. Too bad it was suuuuper uncomfortable.

This was my holy crap I'm a bride moment.

Poor Dan was so nervous.

Our Ceremony site was so beautiful.

Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.

The ring wouldn't go on.


Weddings over time to sleep ;)

I cannot believe how lucky I am to get to be married to a man like Dan. So to Dan, my husband, I say happy anniversary. You got the prize, but so did I.


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Shelley said...

Happy anniversary, and why am I making such messed up faces? :)