Sunday, September 7, 2008

Catching Up With BriannaNichole

*Sigh*, so life has been really busy lately. I got a new job in the spring, moved into a new house in the middle of summer, had some family issues, my second wedding anniversary is tomorrow (9/8/08), my birthday is coming up, I just got back from Vegas and Big Bear..annnnnd I think that is it. I really have been meaning to blog, but honestly I have been too lazy. Plus every time I tried to sit down in front of the computer I had a bunch of other things that I should have been doing.

So, we all caught up? Good on to better things.

FOREVER ago miss lovely APK, her precious little doggies and her darling hubby agreed to let me take some pics of them at a local park. I have been terrible and it has taken me forever to get her the pics. Here are some of my personal favs:

Most of my readers know that I help on some weddings for the LOVELY and VERY talented Jennifer Johnson of OCs Finest Weddings. Since I got my new camera I have started capturing some detail shots of weddings. You can check out some of my recent photos Here and Here (at the bottom of the post).

If you are looking for a wedding coordinator I highly suggest OCs Finest. Jennifer coordinated my wedding and I could not have been happier.

So I will post about my trip later, for now I have to unpack. I hope you enjoyed my update and I promise not to wait so long in between blogs!

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Shelley said...

Well girl, its about time :) The pics turned out great. I like the graffiti (sp?) wall....