Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blast From The Past: Part I

I was going through some of the old pictures on my computer and I cam across come really pretty pictures. I took most of these with my old cell phone. It had rained earlier in the day and the sunset was just beautiful. The pics were taken from the front of my parents house.

The clouds look kinda funky in this picture, but it was taken with a cell phone camera.

This, and the one above, were taken facing the mountains. The rainbows were so pretty that day.

The sky almost looks like its on fire.

I think these next two are my favorite. They almost don't look real.

Ok, so I had to throw this picture in. This was the Valentines day right after I got engaged. I was trying to be artsy by putting my ering into the rose.

Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I did,


Shelley said...

I like the spotty ones. I cant believe you were able to get rainbow pics with your cell phone.

Kate said...

The restaurant we were at last night had all sorts of sky pictures.

SweeTnSassY said...

I am not sure how I ended up in your January blog, but as soon as I saw the pics I was inclined to read it. The pictures are beautiful. This was the day after my wedding. I was so excited on my wedding day because it was just as I requested: I wanted sun during the ceremony and rain at the reception. It was perfect. The rain was pouring on our wedding night. We left to Cancun the next day so I didn't get to enjoy it but I knew it would be a beautiful day. It's nice to see what it looked like. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Ok long comment...sorry!