Monday, January 14, 2008

Bahamas, Yes Please!

I must be the biggest spoiled brat that their ever was. My parents took my hubs and I on an amazing Hawaiian vacation to the lovely Garden Island of Kauai. Yes, I know I know I keep forgetting to upload some of the pics to my blog. It was just the best vacation ever. Hubs and I had a wonderful time on the vacation. We are thinking that it was a trip of a lifetime and we are not likely to go on another one for several years. So you can imagine my surprise when my mom called me this morning and asked if Hubs and I would like to go with them to the Bahamas!!!! I was trying not to squeal at my desk as my mom was explaining all the cool things about this vacation.

As soon as I asked my Hubby he was ecstatic, which I thought he would not be given that we are still paying off our last vacation. He said yes quicker than I could get the question out of my mouth and declares; "I have always wanted to go to the Bahamas". Since the vacation is not until November we will have some time to save up and maybe loose some weight.

So this is an Exclusive resort. My parents very, very generous friends offered them one of their timeshare weeks (1 of 6 must be nice). It will only be a about $500 per couple plus airfare and food. Not too bad for a super fancy resort.

Here are some pics from the web site:

Here are some pics my parents took on their last trip there:

My mom is so proud of her artsy-ness of this picture. She arranged the chairs and whatnot.

Overlooking everything. That cool thing in the water is a big ole bouncy thing to play on.

The place we are staying in...not to shabby

Don't hate me because my parents have cool friends ;)


Stephanie said...

You are going to love the Bahamas! I want to go back so badly :) Yay for vacations.

Kate said...

Have fun in the Bahamas, just don't leave the resort.