Thursday, January 17, 2008

Best Dressing/Sauce Ever!

Two blogs back-to-back, sweeeeet! I just had to blog about the amazing dressing that my sister turned me on to. She had made me dinner with it and I had to try it. Its from Trader Joes, not sure if they sell it else where.

So I am sure there are lots of ways you can use it, but I used it a sauce on some chicken.
  • I got the chicken breast tenders and cooked them on the stove for until they were just a tiny pink in the center.
  • I added the dressing. You can eyeball it depending on how much chicken you are cooking.
  • After the dressing started to bubble I added about 2 large spoonfuls of sour cream. This helped cut the Balsamic taste and made it more of a sauce consistency.

    annnnnd you are done. Sorry you will not get a formal recipe from me because thats not how I roll.

    Here is my finished meal. Please excuse the inordinate amount of potatoes and the lack of veggies.

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