Monday, February 16, 2009

Because I'm Kinda Bored......

Going through my pictures I came across some really random ones that I though would be fun to share. Soooooooooooooooo here we go....

Hangin on the balcony at my bach. party.

My nephew, the Rock Star, playing with his guitar. Christmas 2008.

Ummmmmm who gave us wine? Thanksgiving 2008.

Ella and her sour pickle face. 2006

Cell phone pic of the beautiful necklace my hubby got me for our wedding.

Really, really yellow cell phone pic of wedding dress shopping for my cousin Shelley's wedding. 2006

Hangin out at the Dana Point harbor with my hubby, before he was my hubby.

Nice face Mom.

Hangin out with big Al.

Denielle and I when we were little.

Work party before my hubby and I started dating.

Beautiful Ella trying on a tiara while I was wedding dress shopping.

Devin....need I say more?

My dad and Ella.

My sister drew this on my Bebo wall when I got engaged.

Shelley is gonna hate me for you Shell!

Thanks for checking it all out,


Shelley said...

Thanks Bri.... :) Isn't it fun to go through old pics.... You asked for it....

GrammaStacey said...

One picture of your Mother and it's awful. Where is the love? I mean really first Denielle and Rock Band and now you et tu brute?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bri, I didn't even realize I'd been missing out on your blog for so long...but yeah, nice pictures. I like the old days ones. Funny stuff.

Hey, have you heard that Jake and I and kids will be moving back to Cali around Sept?? Can't wait to hang out with you again. :)