Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lose Weight Now....ask me huh??

Welcome to my blog! I created this account a while ago and just never posted anything. I thought that I would re-vamp it and turn it into my loosing weight blog. I am very very embarrassed to say that I am now up to almost 160 lbs, I will have to re-weigh my self to be sure because last time I was cringing so hard at the numbers I couldn't really see!!! Even though I am really really unhappy with my new larger look I am excited to start my slimming down journey!
I am not sure what weight loss plan I am going to be going with so for now I am going to stick with working out for at least 20 minutes a day and sticking to my SparkPeople daily meal plan. This is a great web site that gives you meal plans based on your body weight, age, health issues etc. It also gives you lots of message boards so you can talk to people in you situation. If you have never checked it out I highly recommend it!
So, hopefully this will work for me. I am going to really try and document what I am eating and pictures as I loose weight. I am super embarrassed to put a before picture before I start actually loosing weight, but I will do it.
Luckily for my my Hubby is on board with me so I will have an accountability partner. So wish me lots of luck as I start on this crazy journey!!!


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Aline and Matt said...

Hey Brianna first of all you should know its totally doable.. I went from 182 to 152 using spark in about 6 months so you can do it. I still have 20 more to go but I know I can do it.

There are sooo many great resources on Spark people and really its all about accountability and having people support you and root you on.

it's about not having cheat days but instead making good choices on days where things or events (Such as gtg's) come up.

Also go with small changes-- don't overwhelm yourself.. I started out just cutting out all soda and drinking water.. that lead to bigger changes.

Stay positive.. and keep everyone posted..

Being active on spark and having the girls keep me accountable made all the difference.