Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Rainless Weekend, How They Were Intended To Be

Today's blog post is coming to you straight from my very new, very comfortable computer chair. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, no longer am I forced to surf the net from my old computer chair. And by 'old computer chair' I mean one of my dining room table chairs. Yeah, I'm that ghetto. The other nice thing was that Mr. Dan put it together for me so he didn't have to hear me throw a fit when I couldn't figure it out.

Last weekend we had a crazy ass storm, yes that is the technical term, and it blew a tree down on our house. Super scary! It broke a few tiles but other than that there was no damage. These are the times that I am actually glad we rent instead of own. I wasn't able to get a great shot of the tree, but it was about 25ft long. Yikes!

This weekend was blessedly rain free. I feel slightly jipped since we were promised two full days of rain. The hubs and I were going to take advantage of the clear skies but we got lazy(enter shocked sounds here). Not much to tell other than work being crazy and anticipating a trip from the Coles.

That is about it, I promise I will have a better blog next time. Although, did you notice the new header I cranked out? That has got to be worth something. I mean it pretty much sapped all my creative energy and left none for the actual blog content.

Hugs and Whatnot,

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Shelley said...

ahhh, I do love the new title. Great Job. Can't wait to get out there.