Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Great Makeup Search: 2011

So, I know some of you were wondering if I was even still alive. Contrary to the lack of blog updates, I am still alive and well. I thought I might give a little update of what has been happening with me since in the past few months, but I feel I need to tackle a much more important topic. One that is near and dear to all of us. Yes, you are correct I am talking about Makeup. More specifically about my search for the perfect foundation.

It all started a few years back when MAC did the unthinkable, they discontinued my FAVORITE foundation. Oh they told me that mixing the Strobe Creme with another liquid foundation would give me the same result, but that was just a dirty lie.

I tried making due with the other MAC liquid foundations without ever finding one that I loved as much as the Hypereal. First the color was wrong, its finish wasn't the same and it wasn't my foundation that I came to know and love.

About a year ago I found the wonder that is Bare Minerals. It took me a little to adjust to using just powder, but once I did I fell in love. She never sat in my wrinkles, she had a beautiful finish and she lasted all day! Best part was the lack of little black makeup brush hairs that my liquid had left behind. Was this it, my new makeup home? It really felt to good to be true and it was.

The makeup gods conspired against me, once more. As soon as I would start to sweat the Bare Minerals would cause my face to itch. Apparently this is due to a nasty little component called Ismuth Oxychloride, or so the Internet tells me.

It was back to the makeup drawing board for me. My in-depth research has yielded yet another option. I like to call it my hybrid-foundation-mineral solution. My solution consists of:
  1. MAC's Prep & Prime Skin Base Visage - To shellac the skin and hopefully not let anything settle into my wrinkles. Got to be safe now I'm 30.
  2. MAC's Pro Longwear Foundation - To keep the bare minerals from touching any actual skin.
  3. MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer - Gotta get rid of the bags yo.
  4. Bare Minerals Fair Powder - To get the smooth powder look and hide any imperfections.
  5. Bare Minerals Hydrating Mineral Veil - Just cuz I didn't have enough makeup on before.
The I top it all up with a crap-load of bronzer, blush and eye makeup, just because that is how I roll. Hopefully this will be the trick and I will not have to continue on my search for more makeup.

So for all you out there who have been wondering how I have been fairing these past few months, this post if for you.

Love you all,

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