Monday, October 18, 2010

30 and the Pumpkin Patch

As I sit here trying desperately to come up with something witty to blog about all I can think about is the Lost Boys theme song remake that Dan is blaring into the office. I mean who can blog when all they can hear is ...'thou shalt not killll'?

This seems to sum up my year of blogging. I haven't been able to find anything mildly interesting to talk about. I do have pumpkin patch pictures to share (you're welcome Denielle) but that is about it. Maybe I can start with the biggest thing that happened this year.

Insert funeral music here. I turned 30 this year. *gasp* It was every bit as hard as I though it was going to be. September 20th seemed to loom before me like the dark death cloud it was. Whoever said 30 was the new 20 was lying to you. 30 is the new 30 and it comes with a whole bag of fun. Like the wrinkles, those are extra special. When I brought up the possibility of botox Dan shot me down like I was asking for a man on the side, but I digress. I seriously could not find anything positive about being 30 unless it was on the scale. Apparently those number have been on the positive since I got married, I blame Dan.

Alright enough of the gloom and doom from me. I got a chance to go to the local pumpkin patch with Denielle and the kids. (hold on Dan is explaining to me why the drum sounds like it does on the current song he is playing) Ok so it was nice, I mean other parent and kids make me want to cut someone and if I never have to dig for another pumpkin it will be too soon, but the kids had fun and I got some cute pictures.

Mason really didn't want to have his picture taken so I had to trick him.

Trying to hide from me, good thing Denielle is so small. She really doesn't make a good shield.

Ella was spinning these tea cup type ride so fast that I thought poor Alexa was going to puke.

Maynard, you are so cute.

Alexa and Mason were sitting so nicely before the ride started.


This picture cracks me up. The kids were so busy posing for a picture that when the ride started it startled them both.

Alexa is so mini Denielle.

She is growing up way too fast.

Thanks for checking out the pics. I promise I will post again before 2011 ;)


Shelley said...

Oh, quit complaining about 30... your not allowed to since Im older :)

That pic of the kids startled by the ride is hilarious. I can't believe how big they have gotten.

BriannaNichole said...

I know, I know but I hate it.