Friday, January 2, 2009


Man, another year! I was so stressed about having xmas over at my place that I didn't even have time to be depressed about it being another year. Typically I get a little maudlin around this time of year. Something about the time passing, getting older, blah blah... Alright, enough of that crap!

New Years Eve was really nice, besides the fact that I had to work late ! While everyone else was rushing the door at 4:00, I was glued to my seat wondering when I would get to leave.

Mr.BriannaNichole (wow that sounds totally lame), correction my hubby and I went down to my parents for some family fun time. We brought RockBand, my latest obsession, thinking that my sister and BIL would be the only ones to play it. To my shock my Mom and Dad got down! I feel compelled to mention that neither of my parents have ever played a musical instrument. To see them playing together (guitar and bass) and my sister rocking out vocals was awesome. My hubby assures me that he (on guitar), my dad (on bass) and my mom (vocals) killed (in a good way) Carry on My Wayward Son. Hmmmm methinks I will have to download some more classic rock songs for them.

I don't usually stick to New Years Resolutions...maybe I will be better this year.

1. Lose Weight...please see last blog entry (BTW I am eating a bagel right now, great start eh?)

2. Be better at cleaning the house.

3. Get on a budget and stick to it.

4. Be more responsible.

5. Blog more, at least once a month.

6. Start going back to church.

7. Get better at rockband...just kidding although this is probably the only one I will stick to ;)

8. Be a better wife (see #2, #3 & #4, #9).

9. Start meal planning and cooking.

There are probably some more stuff I could work on but this should do for now.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year,

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Natalie said...

Good luck -- I could so benefit from being a better wife too!

By the way -- I'm a knottie -- I've read your blog for ages, but one of my goals is to comment more, so you'll be seeing more of me. I hope you don't mind!